Eleni & George/ An elegant wedding in Tinos


Eleni and George embarked on a journey of love that culminated in a elegant wedding on the enchanting Tinos island in Greece. The celebration, meticulously orchestrated by Dolly of 7PM events, unfolded as a symphony of love and joy. Against the backdrop of Tinos’s picturesque landscapes , the couple exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony. Eleni, adorned in an ethereal gown, and George, resplendent in a tailored suit, radiated happiness as they pledged their commitment to a lifetime together.

The island’s wild charm served as a captivating setting for the festivities, with the planner transforming the venue into a dreamlike space.

The decor was a harmonious fusion of elegant simplicity and island-inspired elements, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the couple’s unique style. As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, Eleni and George’s wedding became a breathtaking spectacle.

Surrounded by an abundance of friends and family, the couple’s joyous day unfolded with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and, of course, an abundance of dancing. The celebration transcended into a lively soirée as the night progressed.

The guests and the newlyweds alike taking to the dance floor to celebrate the union with infectious energy. The rhythm of traditional Greek music blended seamlessly with contemporary tunes, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The dance floor became a microcosm of love and unity, mirroring Eleni and George’s journey towards matrimony. Eleni and George’s Tinos wedding, orchestrated by 7pm events, will forever be etched in their hearts as a celebration of love and laughter.

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