Terri and Javier had been together for many years and always dreamed of having a wedding in a romantic location. When they decided to elope Santorini was the obvious choice. With its stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the famous volcano, they knew it would be the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Planning the elopement was not easy, however, as the global pandemic had made travel difficult and the restrictions made it challenging to find a suitable venue. But Terri and Javier were determined and, after two years of waiting, they finally made it to Greece.

The day of their elopement was simple, but emotional. They exchanged vows in front of the volcano, surrounded by family members who had come to share in their joy. The sun was shining, the sea was sparkling, and the sound of the waves in the background created a peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Terri was beautiful in her white dress, and Javier was handsome in his suit. They held hands, exchanged rings and promises, and shared a kiss that sealed their love. It was a moment that they would cherish forever.

The reception was a simple yet elegant affair, with a delicious Greek meal and a toast to the newlyweds. The guests were happy and joyful, and everyone had the best time including me.

Terri and Javier’s elopement in Santorini was a true testament to their love and commitment to each other. It was a day that they would never forget, and a memory that they would cherish for the rest of their lives. They had overcome the obstacles posed by the pandemic, and had finally achieved their dream of having a beautiful and romantic elopement in Greece.

Wedding Planner : Santorini Bliss Weddings

Filmaker : Alex Stabasopoulos

Venue : Villa Santorini 520

Hairstylist : Rena Skourti

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