A romantic elopement in Mykonos

“Let me show you where you can get pears here”, – said a stranger opening a conference room door where I was waiting for an interviewer to come. He was friendly and that helped me stop being scary. Imagine, I was sitting in a big unknown office of modern IT company and interviewing for an internship position. At that time, we had a chat, he wished me luck and then four months later I got accepted. What a fortune – we happened to sit next to each other, selling digital solutions and devotedly going up on the career ladder. Four years later – we got married.-Love stories are always beautiful. You find a person, you become friends, you fall in love, you have a romance and then BOOM, you realize you are ready to spend your whole life with him. For me – there were more booms. 

First, I felt I gained a colleague whom I can help grow and develop. Second, I found a friend with similar outlook on life: values and principles. Third, I understood we are so similar in many aspects that it’s funny to discover where we differ. And fourth, I knew the only thing funny about us is to know we’re two halves for all this time and not to be aware of it. –

This photo session was held in Mykonos island during our honeymoon. We rented a yacht with a group of friends. That was a lovely experience with a lot of adventures . Let’s elope!

Victor and Liubov

Thank you! 🙂


Thank you Christina! We had great time !! Y r the best :*