Destination wedding in Skyros

I honestly can’t put into words how much i loved these two people and their wedding in Skyros island.  They treated me like a friend and it was one of those 3 day wedding adventures that i would give anything to be a part of again.Those two have been an inspiring couple to me. Beautiful inside and out, committed and respectful to one another, fun, open-minded and enthusiastic, and, most of all, deliriously in love.

Stella and Triantafyllos knew exactly how their wedding day should be! Loose, fun, zero stress and focusing on what really matters to them most. From the very first moment i knew that their purpose was to satisfy their best friends and close relatives. They have been together since school, and maintain a playful, fun, adventurous chemistry that has kept their relationship continually fresh and always interesting. After their beautiful ceremony on this beautiful chapel, they partied like pros with their friends.

It was a wonderful experience working with @whiteowlfilms who was the filmaker of  the wedding. Triantafyllos had a suit made by @calvinklein and  Stella had a @mairimparola two-piece dress made for her which was simply breathtaking and blew everyone away when she walked down the isle. This truly was a fairy tale wedding never to be forgotten!

Thank you guys for everything!Enjoy…



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