Built to last | A wedding in Athens

Can’t find the right words to express what i’m feeling in my heart, and even if I could this post would not have an end. The blessing I’m receiving as a photographer is beyond what I could ever imagined! This was a special wedding for me. It was sentimental, fun and real ! How they met: One beautiful evening he knocked on my door! He came for a census! (For those who do not believe that love can knock on your door) POPULATION CENSUS 2011! The rest is history…


The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a very beautiful and popular venue in Athens – Ktima Vlachogianni and everything was magical! The party was hard – with all friends and families sharing their love to the couple! I had the pleasure to work with an amazing videographer Feel Your Films and we cooperated perfectly for this result!

MUA: Margarita Birda  Wedding Dress : Pronovia Sweets : Poulette Flowers: Flowerline Ioannidis Wedding Sugared Almonds : Valena Barberi


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